New and Prospective Member Orientation

·                     The Front Range Naturists are NOT a sex club, a "swingers club" a "singles club" or a dating service. We are a family oriented, non-sexual membership organization for clothing optional recreation. If you are looking for something sexual or erotic, you've come to the wrong place.                                                                        

·                     All new and prospective members are required to attend an orientation session. All persons attending must provide a valid photo ID for admittance to the session. The orientation covers what clothing optional recreation is and isn't, what we do as a club, and a question and answer period. The Naturist Society video "Experience the Freedom” is also shown. This 12-minute video covers many of the myths and misconceptions of clothing optional recreation.                    

·                     Prospective members who have attended an orientation are permitted to attend three club functions at the member rate. After three visits you may apply for full membership, providing the membership committee has received no complaints. Membership is currently $35.00/YR per household. AANR & TNS membership may also be obtained through the club, but is not required.

The following are general rules of Conduct and Etiquette

·                     Persons behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate by management will be asked to leave. Members behaving inappropriately may have their membership privilege revoked.

·                     Overt sexual behavior or unwelcome and uninvited advances are not acceptable. The same rules of behavior and courtesy apply in the naturist environment, as you would expect in a clothed family environment.

·                     Illegal drugs, drunkenness or excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated.

·                     While publications of a naturist content are welcome, sexually explicit or pornographic material is not.

·                     Always bring a towel to sit on. If you forget your towel (we all forget on occasion) don't be embarrassed. Notify the host and ask to borrow a towel.

·                     Parents are responsible for the care and behavior of their children.

·                     When attending a potluck function, always bring a covered dish to share. If you don't have time to prepare anything, it is always acceptable to bring something from the deli. Please always bring enough for yourself and at least two others.

·                     Always check with the function host or club management, before bringing a guest or visitor. If you are planning to attend a reservation-required function you must make prior arrangements.

·                     Unless otherwise noted in the newsletter, it is advisable to bring your own lawn chair or blanket, for your comfort.

·                     All indoor club functions are SMOKE FREE!

·                     Do nothing for which you will need to apologize later.



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